The Consulate – Motion Graphics, Visual Effects, Video Production

It’s finally here! 7-years in the making, we present to you: the new website! It’s still a work in progress, and new features will be added on a semi-regular basis, including a Video Production-based blog, so check back in with us every once in a while!

UPDATE (DEC2016) – Added a bunch of new material to the Our Work section, and a couple of new blog posts. Slowly, but surely, it’s all coming together. SOON, WE WILL BE UNSTOPPABLE

The brainchild of freelance artist Deja Springfield, The Consulate is a small, boutique design studio operating out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Specializing in Motion Graphics, Design and Editing, The Consulate has been doing work in Edmonton and abroad for more than eight years.


The Consulate is like a great soup: it’s got a little bit of everything in it, with enough Awesome-Spice to “kick things up a notch”, as the kids like to say. You know, because of how really good soups blend together a number of different ingredients (talents) to make a nice, tasty melange of broth and, um, stuff (happy clients)…?

The Consulate has never been very good with metaphors…

Terrible analogies aside, with a wealth of experience in Broadcasting, Print, Multimedia, Visual Communications and advertising, The Consulate can do anything you ask them to do. Except maybe swimming. The Consulate are terrible swimmers