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How Do You Edit an Animated Film?

  • January 11, 2017

"Here's a question you may never have thought about before: what does an animation editor actually do? If scenes are just written and then animated, is their role any more than just connecting clips together?" Most people have a pretty good idea of what an Editor does: he or she takes the shot footage and pieces it together into the final product, shaping scenes and timing, massaging the story, etc.; the Editor chooses what, where and when information is presented to the audience. What about with an animated film, though? It's not like animators are putting together hours of extra footage for the editor...

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Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals at Toolfarm – Hot Price on C4D

  • November 25, 2016

It's Black Friday, y'all! If you're looking to expand your software library, Toolfarm has a big Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale on until November 30th. There are some decent deals on some OK After Effects plugins, but the star of the show is their C4D promo - save up to $740 on new licenses, upgrades and the C4D MSA. If you're an Adobe CC subscriber, you can jump into a C4D R18 seat for $2800 USD; you're not likely to find a better deal than that. They also have some good pricing on Pixel Lab model and texture packs from Friday the 25th - Monday the 28th; you should be able to grab their...

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Tutorial: Ambient Occlusion Settings – Cinema4D (Beginner)

  • October 31, 2016

Cinema 4D: Quick Ambient Occlusion Tips Here's another great tutorial from the fine folks at PixelLab, for anyone who might be struggling with grainy, low-quality Ambient Occlusion in C4D. It's a quick fix, but the settings are kind of counter-intuitive... You'll likely waste a ton of time digging through the various Ambient Occlusion options, testing out various settings. Spoiler Alert: you need to futz with the Physical settings. If you don't already follow PixelLab or subscribe to their newsletter, you should definitely do it; they have a ton of great freebies for C4D.

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“He made me kill my darlings”: An Editor’s Perspective on Documentary Filmmaking

  • October 21, 2016

"Your job as editor is to make the documentary as good as it can be. That is your North Star." Documentary editing is perhaps one of the most complex, challenging and ultimately rewarding gigs you can take on. There are no easy, rote answers in documentary filmmaking; every doc is different, and every editor will take different approach to the subject matter. As Neil Sandell says, "Doc making is a process of discovery, not paint by numbers." "Never fall in love with your edit."; that's probably the most important editing advice I've ever been given. You might labour over a scene or a segment...

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Science of Editing: Why It’s Good to Have an Editor Around During the Writing Process

  • September 29, 2016

No Film School Science of Editing: Why It's Good to Have an Editor Around During the Writing Process If you haven’t already subscribed to No Film School, you probably should; they're pretty great. A talented Editor can be an invaluable resource for your production, especially if you're a novice filmmaker.

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